Manuel Chrysaphes I

Archon Lambadarios of the Great Church of Christ

Manuel or Emmanuel Chrysaphes I, was the Lambarios of Saint Sophia at the time of the Fall. An eminent melodist, he composed many works, some of which are saved and belong to the papadic genre.

He wrote a treatise on the theory of ecclesiastical music. He had monk Gerasimos as a studene, perhaps the one called by the Conqueror together with George or Gregory Alyates. Codex 239 of the holy Leimon monastery in 1672 names Manuel ┬źLambadarios of the good kingly clergy┬╗.

In the manuscripts, he is also called Master. The Sticherarion of Manuel Chrysaphes was in the hands of the Manuel II, who changed its notation, refreshing it according to his own system, as it is concluded from codex 239 of the holy Leimon monastery.